Avoid issues at police checkpoints…Get yourself a Thai driver’s license.

If you plan on driving around and being in Chiang Mai for a while then you should definitely consider obtaining a Thai driver’s license. It makes things easier with the local police and it can be often used as an ID in your everyday life. So, we would recommend that you apply for a Thai driver’s license.

Even though you will be able to use your international driver’s license or even a license from your home country, it is still better to have a Thai license. It can even save you money when you show before paying certain fees as you will no longer fall in the short term tourist category and will be able to pay the “Thai rate” for many attractions around the city.

How we can assist you

If you wish to apply for Thai drivers license in Chiang Mai and want to make the experience easy and stress free then simply organise a free consultation with a member of our team (we speak fluent Thai and English), and we will accompany you to the motor registry office as well as assist you with securing all the rights documents and certifications you will be required to submit with your application.

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