Ready to Retire in Chiang Mai?

A retirement visa allows people from other countries to live in Thailand on a long term basis. Officially the visa is known as Non Immigrant O-A visa and is a legal requirement for those who want to settle in the country after retirement.


There are two options for the person who wants to apply for the retirement visa.

  • The first would be to apply at the embassy of Thailand in his country. This is an easy path to getting a visa, as long as the applicant has the required documents.
  • The second option would be to apply at an immigration counter in Thailand. The primary requirement would be that the applicant must be traveling to the country on a valid visa such as a Thai tourist visa. This visa can be converted into a retirement visa valid for one year at an Immigration Office in Thailand. The applicant must be careful to apply for the retirement visa at least 24 days before their regular visa expires.


There are certain conditions that a person must meet in order to receive a retirement visa. The applicant should be 50 or more above on the day of his/her application . Applicants must also present a medical certificate. If applying from outside Thailand then a certificate from the police declaring the individual to have clear criminal records is also required.


One of the major requirements for anyone looking to spend their retirement years in Thailand would be having sufficient income. Applicants need to either make a bank deposit in Thailand, in their own bank account, to the tune of THB 800,000. Or they would need to prove that their monthly income exceeds THB 65,000. The third alternative would a combination of both ( ie make a deposit in a Thai bank account, and offer proof of annual income.)


  • We will answer all your questions and provide you with accurate answers and recommendation.

  • We will make sure that a retirement visa is the best visa for your personal situation

  • We will clear all the roadblocks for you so that you obtain you visa hassle-free.

  • We will assist you with opening a Thai bank account if required.

  • We will complete your visa application and fill out all the required paperwork properly.

  • We will accompany you to the Immigration office on the day of you application if you are in Chiang Mai.

  • We will Facilitate communication with the immigration officers.

  • When you need to extend your visa in Chiang Mai we will queue at the Thai Immigration office on your behalf and confirm the time of your appointment.

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