Been in Chiang Mai for 90 days?

Foreigners residing in Thailand for an extended period of time are required to present himself (or send an Agent) to the immigration office in Chiang Mai to complete what is generally referred to as “a 90 day report ”

If you have any of the visa below, you must complete this simple process every 3 months:

  • Retirement visa.
  • Marriage visa.
  • Education visa.
  • Business visa.
  • Child support or guardian visa.


  •  We will confirm that a child support visa is the best visa for your situation and that you qualify.
  • We will provide you with all the correct & current Chiang Mai Immigration information relevant to your situation. We will not provide you with any illegal visa options that may put your stay in Chiang Mai at risk!
  • Take your required visa application photo.
  • Complete all required paperwork for your child support visa submission.
  • Help you open a Thai Bank account if required.
  • Arrange an appointment and accompany you to your consulate in Chiang Mai to certify any documents if required.
  • Take the queue at the Thai Immigration office on your behalf and confirm the time of your appointment for you visa submission.
  • Accompany you to the Chiang Mai Immigration office from our office.
  • We will stay with you at the Chiang Mai Immigration office throughout the visa process helping you with any communication and advice with the Thai Immigration officer. This is an important step to ensure you have no stress and everything runs smoothly while submitting your visa.
  • We will also compliment your 90 day report (for 1 year) for your child support visa.
  • We will contact you 1 week before your 90 day report is due to remind you to bring your passport to our office and we will complete your 90 day report at the Chiang Mai immigration office on your behalf.
  • You’ll be able to pick up your passport from our office either later that day or the next day.

Contact us or come to our office