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Stash Truter asked 6 years ago

Hi there.

I have a current work permit and Non-B visa that expire at the end of March. I would like to go on to a tourist visa for travelling purposes in Thailand. Just to confirm, I can get a tourist visa through your company? How long is its validity? Can I do the border run while my current work permit and non-b visa are valid? Do I have a 7 day grace period after my work permit and non-b expire.

Thanks in advance

1 Answers
Chiang Mai Visa Run Staff answered 6 years ago

We do not deliver visas. Only Thai embassies can deliver visas. if you leave Thailand without a re-entry permit your current B-visa will no longer be valid unless you have a multiple entry visa.
Doing a border run to Mae Sai will allow you to get a visa exemption, valid 30 days and extendable for a month at Chiang Mai immigration office. This will also void your current visa.
Please consider asking Chiang Mai Immigration for confirmation before taking the trip as your case is not common.