How to extend your stay in Thailand without a proper tourist visa (in Jaunay 2017.)

Things have changed again in 2017.

It i now possible to do visa runs again and go to Mae Sai to be allowed to stay for 30 more days in Thailand. This new rule is good news for many travelers who entered Thailand without a proper tourist visa and just got a visa exemption stamp at the airport when entering Thailand. It essentially means that you can now spend up to 180 days in Thailand by combining visa runs and visits to Chiang Mai Immigration.

Up to 180 days in Thailand without a visa.

To get the full benefit of the new regulations It is best to arrive in Thailand by air the first time you enter the country as overland border crossings are limited to 2 per year, That way you can You can maximize your stay and do two border crossing

The new rule only applies to visitors who can take advantage of the visa exemption rule.*

Here is a visual representation of what you can do at the your 30 first days in Thailand.


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It’s always recommended to carry with you a copy of your outbound plane ticket when going on a visa run as immigration officers in Mae Sai sometimes ask for it.

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The list of countries eligible to benefit from the 30 Day Visa Exemption rule can be fount here:

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