10 reasons to retire in Chiang Mai.

Nestled among forested foothills, Chiang Mai is undoubtedly Thailand’s most beautiful city. Surrounded by rings of mountains, it has a rich culture. The city has never been more exciting. Boredom is a foreign name here as there are tons of things to see and do! One can visit the ancient city, go elephant riding, visit historic temples or even go on a nature walk. Besides a mix of local and ethnic communities from all around the world, Chiang Mai has very distinct culture, traditions arts and festivals. With all these in mind therefore, what exactly makes it the best place for retirement? Here are10 reasons to retire in Chiang Mai :

1. It is still a small city.

Being the 1 square mile town it is, there are around 160,000 inhabitants. There is another 1.5 million people in the surrounding areas supporting a real city’s amenities but these are not really enough to create negatives that come with a big city. Even with that small area, the city is large enough to carry a number of golf courses, hundreds of restaurants, massage parlors are just a stone’s throw away, several shopping malls; almost anything anyone desires!

2. Medical advantage.

The city of Chiang Mai is known for having cheap medical providers. Both dental and medical treatments as well as cosmetic surgery are quite affordable. Even the health insurance one needs in order to live there full time is quite affordable. The affordability of medical services is further enhanced when one looks at the hospitalization cost for a private ward. This makes medical services accessible by anyone and everyone. In addition, a lot of expensive drugs are locally reproduced in a generic form then provided at considerably cheaper prices. The branded medicines are also available.

3. Retirement community.

If need arises for one to go to a care facility or one’s health needs more attention than normally, Chiang Mai has this covered. Private Nurses or care givers are available for hiring for a very small and affordable fee. Retirement communities here are nothing short of luxury palaces. They provide meals, nurses, doctors, social outings and much more. Inclusive of this are also inpatient facilities that are a darling to many.

4. The people themselves.

Chiang Mai is known for its super friendly locals. Its influence comes from the Hill and tribe inhabiting most of the region. These two have a great influence on the city’s values and traditions. Besides being friendly, these people are also honest and helpful. Unlike in other parts of Asia, the locals here are not always after benefiting from the tourist and westerner. They help out in times of need. Theft is also a foreign term. While here, one does not have to keep worrying that their wallet is about to be possessed by another. That is how friendly the city is.

5. Quality accommodation.

Many retirees dream of a little house surrounded by a tropical paradise. Well, Chiang Mai does not disappoint. With the help of an agency, one can find whatever they wish for. Long term leasing of condos is easily available. Shorter terms are a bit difficult but not really impossible to find. For shorter terms, accommodation at apartment complexes is better. Available are a number of websites catering for needs of those wishing to rent a condo or a house. Usually, prices are discounted for the leases that are long term. Developments with gated communities have also been developed and are populated heavily by retirees. Chiang Mai never falls short of quality and amazing homes.

6. The weather!

The weather in this city is fantastic. Right from November all through to February, the weather is usually perfect. It is characterized by clear blue skies, low humidity at daytime with low temperatures starting at nightfall. Temperatures are around 300. Temperatures around March start getting hotter but since Chiang Mai’s location is in the mountains, the temperatures are always lower than elsewhere in Thailand as well as most parts of Asia. The rainy season commences in May and goes on into October. It rains once or twice in a day. During this period, the surroundings are very beautiful and offer some of the best photos ever taken.

7. The fresh produce factor.

The fresh produce in Chiang Mai comes very cheaply. If one is looking to cook for themselves then the local markets are the places to be. Besides offering a variety of produce from all around Thailand, the prices are also lower than those in supermarkets. These places are very popular with the locals. For new arrivals, the markets can prove to be extremely overwhelming but they soon adapt. Native and tropical fruits as well as vegetables are in abundance here.

8. Safety.

Chiang Mai is among the world’s safest cities. Scams making headlines in media houses about Asia and Thailand are unheard of in this city. Crime is extremely rare; especially one against foreigners. The city never gives the feeling of intimidation or fear for safety. One can freely walk during the day or small night hours without any fears. In addition to the safety of the people there, there is a special police division with the sole purpose of helping any westerners that might be in distress. As part of the culture and traditions of Chiang Mai, crime is sinful and a sign of weakness.

9. Cheap transport

One can choose to either hire a motorbike or use public means. Both are quite cheap and affordable in Chiang Mai. Red trucks for travel are available, a Tuk Tuk ride also comes cheaply and hiring cars to cater for day trips is also an option. Trains, buses, flights and tour buses are also available if one wishes to go further.

10. The food factor.

Chiang Mai’s food has been rated as one of the best in the world. It is amazing and goes for almost half the price in other Asian parts. Markets and food stalls are found all over from where one can sample the local dishes. The city is especially famous for its local specialty Khao Soi. In Chiang Mai, whatever you want, you get.

Without doubt Chiang Mai is the place for anyone wishing to retire. A vacation is everyone’s dream and being in Chiang Mai is like being on vacation every day!

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