Chiang Mai – Mae Sai by Minibus

Dear new visitors and returning customers, despite the recent visa run regulation changes, we still take you to Mae Sai every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Travelers who arrived in Thailand on a Visa Exemption stamp can still go to Mae Sai one time. Non-Immigrant Visa or Tourist visa holders with remaining entries on their visa can exit and re-enter Thailand at the Mae Sai border as before.
If your are on a visa exemption, make sure you bring a print-out of your outbound plane ticket so that you can show it to Thai immigration and the border and prove that you are going to leave the country at a set date.

Your trip to Mae Sai will start early in the morning between 7 A.M and 8 A.M. The mini bus will pick you up at your hotel or guesthouse in town or at a convenient location along the route of our minivan. The trip to and from the border takes on average 4 hours each way.

Your driver will take a break along the way so that all passengers can use toilets and buy refreshments.

All passengers will be dropped off in Mae Sai on the Thai side of the border and your driver will set a time and place for you to meet him again after you have completed your ‘border run’ for the ride back to Chiang Mai.

The mini bus will wait at the border for passengers to come back for around 60 – 70 minutes. Travelers are advised to prioritize the visa run process and not to spend too much time in the shops around the border in order not to delay the return to Chiang Mai.

Don’t forget your passport and TM card normally attached inside your passport at the time of your arrival in Thailand!

Bring a print-out or copy of your plane ticket so that Thai Immigration officers know when you plan on leaving Thailand.

Carry at least 500 baht, that’s the fee per person you will have to pay when entering Myanmar to the Burmese Immigration Police.

Ensure that you do not risk overstaying passed the expiration date of your current visa ( Fined 500 BHT per day by Thai Immigration Police)

Make sure you have a seat on the minibus when you need it. Our air-conditioned minivans can transport up 12 passengers to the border crossing between Mae Sai – Tachilek.

Secure a particular seat on the minibus (+50 BHT Only on request )

A few things to keep in mind…

This is an express trip and will give an hour to cross the bridge to enter Myanmar and come back to Thailand while our driver will be waiting for you. Please watch the time and try not to make other passengers wait for you.

We do not offer any warranty regarding the outcome of your visa run to Mae Sai. We can offer advice regarding your visa situation in Thailand but we only provide a transportation service from Chiang Mai to Mae Sai. It is your responsibility to make sure your legal situation in Thailand is compliant with Thai immigration regulations.

You will not be stranded in Burma if you are turned down at the border as the immigration officers on duty will simply refuse to let you leave the country in Mae Sai. You will then have to come back to Chiang Mai to find an alternative solution if you wish to extend your stay in Thailand.

We cannot transport large bags and backpacks. The minibus is not equipped to store them. If you carry a bag larger than 45cm x 30cm x 20cm which would not fit on your lap or below your seat, please let us know when you book your seat.

Got Questions ? Give us a call: 093 264 27 26
(Every day, Between 08.00 AM and 10.00 PM)